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dianne small

about me

I combine creativity, passion and a practical approach to help people to improve their communication skills, focusing on both linguistic and non-verbal skills.


I have a degree in Social and Cultural Education, with a secondary subject in Training and completed a Postgraduate Course in Applied Theatre. The Coursera course “Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence” of the Case Western University was an eye-opener for me regarding the importance of emotional intelligence on our professional career, our relationships and our effectiveness as leaders.


At the university everis I work as a soft skills trainer and learning consultant. I run workshops like Working in Teams, Positive Communication, Speaking English with Confidence at different offices in Spain and, occasionally, out of Spain.

training approach

I strongly belief in the concept of learning by doing. Teaching and training are not simply about giving people tools and tricks; rather, they are meant to try out, test, and apply the acquired knowledge and skills in real life situations. Theatre games and drama techniques are perfect tools for that.

“I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.” – Albert Einstein

Let your presentations be purple!

Some years ago I started Purplepresentations.com as a web log about the new way of giving inspiring presentations. It’s about creating a good message, about an effective communication and about using visual aids in an appealing manner.

Drama techniques

Purple Presentations uses drama techniques to train people on their public speaking skills. Drama techniques are incredibly interesting for this purpose, because

• they will help you to get more self-esteem, self-confidence and self-awareness, which are essential for public speaking
• they teach you to integrate both verbal and non-verbal communication and raise the awareness on both of them
• they help you to relax in front of a group through fun and motivating activities

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