Tell your personal story with Playback Theatre

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Have you heard of Playback Theatre?
Playback Theatre is a form of improvisational Theatre. Memers of the audience tell their stories and actors represent these stories on stage. The stories “come to life”.

teatro PlaybackHow to use Playback Theatre for Business?
Playback Theatre is a powerful tool for training situations to improve communication or raise the awareness on, for example, diversity. Participants decribe events from out of the work environment, these can be conflicts or other situations which caused difficult feelings. The actors “replay” the event and afterwards a facilitator leads a discussion about this replay, “Seeing” and “living” the story and the discussion afterwards result in a valuable learning experience.

Playbak Theatre in Valencia
The 17th and the 24th of February 2014 you can experience Playback Theatre in “Espacio Inestable“.

Want to know more?
The Spanish book “Otros Escenarios para el teatro” describes the different uses of Plaback Theatre in detail. In my e-book on “Theatre for organizatrional change” (also in Spanish), you can read more about Playback Theatre for business with some examples of the TrueStroyTheater.

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