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otros-escenarios-para-el-teatro1I´m co-author of a book!

The project involves a printed book with an explanation of Applied Theatre and four e-books focusing on theatre for change: personal, social, in education and in organizations. I have written the last part about theatre for business. For company training theatre offers a lot of possibilities, many more than just role playing or warming ups. I have included examples of workshops and activities, one of the workshops is about public speaking.

teatro para el cambio en las organizaciones

teatro para el cambio en las organizaciones

The project
Otros escenarios del teatro – Other scenes of theatre

My e-book
Teatro para el cambio en las organizaciones – Theatre for change in organizations

More breaking news:
In the very same week of the publication, my daughter Paula was born. At this moment I´m on maternity leave and that´s the reason why I´m not very active writing posts :).

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