The importance of a good conclusion

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Today a new tip for a memorable presentation at TEDxValencia: The importance of a good conclusion.

An interesting introduction is important to catch the attention of the audience. As important as this introduction, is the conclusion of your presentation, so that the people remember the most important of what you have told them. They tend to remember the last things you have said.

Some suggestions:

  • give a summary
  • make a connection with your introduction
  • don´t say “well, that´s everything, thank you”, but think carefully about your last sentence.
  • make a call for action: What can / should the audience do after your presentation?

We can find a perfect example of a good conclusion in this TED talk of Dan Pink. First he gives a summary, after that a he makes a call for action and he finishes off with a comment connecting with the introduction of his presentation.

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