Favourite speakers of TEDxValencia 2012

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The two favourite speakers from TEDxValencia 2012 were Jose Luis Pastor and Alejandro Hernandez. We encourange you to watch the videos as inspiration for your own presentations. Some comments of attendees are added.

Jose Luis Pastor

  • His talk was very professional, fun and stimulating.
  • He transmitted exactly what he wanted to express.
  • Great communicator, with an inspiring, motivating and encouraging message, deeply connected with the audience.
  • Excellent presentation and original content, using a touch of humor to engage the audience.

Alejandro Hernandez

  • He brought new concepts and the message was very original.
  • He captured the attention of the audience.
  • Enjoyable, fun, educational and motivating talk.
  • The talk was well structured and he used appropriate body language; the speaker was experienced in transmitting his ideas.
  • He transmitted the passion and spirit of TED in an outstanding manner.
  • Fresh message and full of possibilities for new entrepreneurs.

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