The importance of a good introduction

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As part of the speaker´s team of TEDxValencia 2012 we are in charge of the coordination of the speakers. We have already selected all the presenters and are now helping them to prepare their talks. With the frequency of two or three times a week, we send them tips for the design and the delivery of their speech. On my blog I am going to publish the tips we send them.

The first tip: the importance of a good introduction written by César Gomez, vice-president of Toastmasters Valencia.

The first seconds of a talk are critical. If the introduction is boring and without imagination, the audience will lose their interest in the rest of the presentation. A creative and interesting beginning captures and maintains the attention of the people.

Some classic techniques:
– Tell the audience why your talk is important for them
– Surprise them with a unusual statement
– Tell a story or an anecdote
– Ask a rhetoric question
– Start with a quote

A fabulous example you can find in this TED talk of Andrew Stanton.


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