Play theatre to become a better presenter

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You can learn how to be a better presenter playing theatre. With the use of drama techniques you train the most important ‘instrument’ of a presentation: you. Activities based on acting help you to raise awareness on the possibilities of your body and your voice, teach you how to relax and ignite your imagination and creativity. Purple Presentations doesn’t provide acting classes, but uses theatre games and activities to create valuable experience based learning.

However, acting classes without a direct goal to obtain certain skills, help to improve your communication. Emma Dalmases, the founder of Coffi Teatre, gives acting classes to employees of companies in Barcelona. Below, she will describe what she does and what participants say about her classes.

Acting classes? OK, sign me up.

Coffie teatre 2sClose your eyes and imagine that you are in front of a big audience, sharing your ideas in an easy and relaxed way. You are aware of the space around you, your body moves fluently.

Maybe you notice nervousness or fear. Even the most experienced actors have those feelings on stage. What makes the difference? Their capacity to improvise, their concentration, confidence, self-knowledge and attitude. Actors are trained in communication skills.

Some years ago, I started to give classes to a group of people who wanted to try “that thing of playing theatre”. Their professions? Economists, architects and programmers. They started with acting classes, because they wanted to do something different. Within weeks, they began sharing positive changes they noticed in their life: “At work, I make eye contact with people when I´m talking with them.”, “my classes at the university have improved” or “I have raised my self-esteem”. These people start this year with their third year of “playing theatre”.

That´s how my project Coffi Teatre started: offering acting classes to companies and organizations, way beyond the classical working field of an actress. What I do is offering after work activities – like language lessons, yoga or meditation – with an added value: relaxation, breaking with the daily routine and improving personal and communication skills.

Some things my students say about what they learn:
Coffi Teatre 1s

“Rapid adaptation to unexpected situations”
“More at ease while speaking in public”
“I know better how I tend to react”
“I have improved my listening skills”
“Less fear of trying new things”
“Higher impact on the audience”

If you don´t leave your comfort zone, it´s going to be more difficult to improve an aspect of your life. So, brush up those creative skills. Put on some comfortable clothes and try what theatre classes have to offer you. I´m sure you will be surprised and that you will repeat.

Thank you Emma for for perfect explanation and for the great work you do!

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