Steps to an effective presentation

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Don't start designing your presentation in PowerPointAs I wrote in my last post it has to be very clear why you give a presentation. If it’s a keynote or a product launch, an internal or external presentation, in front of 5 or 500 people, it’s always important to have clear why your audience should listen to you.

A presentation is not about you, a presentation is about the audience and about telling them something that matters (to them!).

So, here are my steps for designing a presentation. This is a very brief guide. In later posts I will write about the different steps.

1 Start with your audience. Who are they? Why should they listen to you?
2 Define the goal of your presentation
3 Think of your core message. What is the most important message? What should everyone remember of your presentation?
4 Prepare the script. Think of the structure of your presentation.
5 Start designing your presentation with pen and paper, think of a good introduction, a good ending (a joke, a personal anecdote, a remarkable fact, the best feature of the new product you are presenting etc.)
6 Design visual aids if you think they are necessary
7 Make a handout for the audience if necessary
8 Everything done? Practise, practise, practise

In my next post I will write about what to do with your hands during a presentation. Where do you leave them? Or better: How can you use them?

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